Polystyrene Foam Recycling Center Opens in Hampstead

Thanks to Dart Container Corporation, Hampstead, MD, residents will have a place to drop off their polystyrene foam products for recycling this holiday season. Located on Hanover Pike, the new drop-off location is publicly accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and residents can drop off a wide variety of recyclable foam products for free.

Polystyrene foam—not to be mistaken with Styrofoam, a registered trademark of Dow Chemical Company—is used for hot coffee cups, lids, egg cartons, meat trays, and to-go food containers, among other products. The only requirement is that the items have the #6 chasing arrows symbol, signifying polystyrene foam.

When polystyrene is properly recycled, it can be used to make products such as rulers, surfboards, picture frames, and architectural molding. Further, since polystyrene foam is a thermoplastic, it can be recycled many times over.

“With the holidays around the corner, we are excited to be able to offer Hampstead residents a new recycling drop-off for their used foam,” said Christine Cassidy at Dart. “We encourage residents to take advantage of this free drop-off site and help spread the word that foam recycling is happening in the community.”

How to Recycle Foam

In order to recycle foam, people should follow four simple steps:

  • Ensure the foam has a #6 chasing arrow symbol
  • Rinse or wipe foodservice containers free from food
  • Remove straws, tape, and any other non-foam material
  • Deposit the foam in a clear or translucent bag

Businesses looking to make large deliveries can call 410-374-8591 for more information.

Foam Recycling