Johns Hopkins Hosts Foam Recycling Drive

Johns Hopkins University has decided to make a major impact on the campus community and environment by creating a campus-wide foam recycling drive. In partnership with Homewood Recycling, the university has set up recycling stations with the purpose of recycling foam around campus and educating students on the possibility of recycling foam and other items some students see as a challenge such as printer cartridges, batteries, and keyboards. The event is part of National Campus Sustainability Month, where many universities are finding ways to increase sustainability efforts on their campus.

During the recycling drive, student ambassadors are setting up recycling stations around the campus to collect foam for recycling. Typically, foam products are transported to nearby waste management facility. The visibility of the recycling drive helps students understand that it’s possible for these products to be recycled. The drive is also offering incentives, with everyone who recycles being entered to win a gift card for a local coffee shop.

Johns Hopkins is one of the university leaders in recycling, and has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 51% by 2025. Many universities and young people aren’t aware of the many options they have for recycling, which can make a negative impact on the recycling efforts of universities.

It is important to show young people that items like foam containers and electronic waste can be recycled and repurposed. Efforts like the National Sustainability Month show that is possible to have a community of people engaged and aware about the possibilities of recycling foam.

Foam Recycling